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FDA Approved Class II Medical Device
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Thank you for your interest in Migun

In 1988, Migun was the first company to patent and introduce thermal massage beds. Migun proudly became one of the fastest growing companies in South Korea, and we have the Golden Industrial Merit Award from the President of Korea. Migun is ready to bring our experience, research, and development to the worldwide market due to the growing popularity of alternative medicine in the United States and the rest of the world.

We at Migun will continue our efforts to develop products that benefit your health and future knowing that our success depends on your well-being and satisfaction.

Lee, Sang Bok

Migun Demonstration Center

At Migun Free Demonstration Centers you can experience our product on a limited free trial basis and you can get tips on maintaining good health. Naturally, you can purchase for home or business or health practice use a Migun Thermal Massage Bed.

Keep in mind that you are not under any obligation to buy our product. We believe if you will just try the Migun Thermal Massage bed you will likely experience an improvement in your health. Letting others know about your positive experience is the most valuable and effective advertising for us. This positive advertising results in great customer satisfaction and long term business growth.

Migun started using this customer-based business method in 1988, and we have seen significant growth since then.

Our Migun Demonstration Centers have thousands of visitors each day all over the world which increases as new visitors introduce our products to their friends!

We encourage you to visit one of our Demonstration Centers near you to see for yourself.

History of Migun

August 2007 - MIGUN receives an endorsement from The American Chiropractic Association recognizing health and therapeutic benefits of MIGUN beds.

April 2006 - MIGUN USA reaches 100 dealerships located in USA and MIGUN MEDICAL INSTRUMENT, LTD reaches 40 countries with MIGUN stores & dealers.

June 2004 - Received FDA 510K Class II certification from the Food and Drug Association for the HY-7000 Thermal Massage System.

November 2003 - Received the Los Angeles Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week Award from Los Angeles mayor James Hahn.

October 2003 - Received FDA 510K Class II certification from the Food and Drug Association for the HY-5000 Thermal Massage System.

December 2002 - Awarded a Grand Prize, Two Golden Awards, and WIPO Special Award at the Seoul International Invention Expo (The world’s largest convention of it's kind, featuring 500 items from 34 countries.) At this event, the 2002 Korean Technology Patent Contest was held with the World’s Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Symposium and the Annual Meeting of International Inventor’s Association (IFIA).

December 2002 - Received a Gold Prize at the Korean Technology Patent Contest (Pacific Ocean Show room, Seoul Co-Ex)

December 2002 - Received a Grand Prize, two Gold Awards, and the World Intellectual Property Organization Trophy at the Seoul International Invention Expo.

December 2002 - Received a Gold Prize at the Korean Technology Patent Contest.

November 2002 - Selected as a World Product Certified Company in Korea.

October 2002 - Registered for USA Invention Patent as Automatic Thermal Massage Therapeutic machine (US 6,45,732,B1).

October 2002 - Participated in the 2002 Pusan International Medical Instruments Health-Care Information Exhibition.

May 2002 - Received a Gold Prize and IFIA Special award at the International Invention Patent Expo in Geneva, Switzerland.

April 1997 to April 2002 - Won numerous design awards and obtained numerous patents for Migun Products around the world and opened Migun Sales Centers in 27 Countries.

March 1994 - Changed the name of the company to Migun, Ltd.

April 1988 - Established Han-Youl Energy Co., Ltd.


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